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Stacking Block Game
​Welcome to the home of KBitz. Here you'll find a brand new kind of stacking block game. Pronounced kib’-its, meaning to provide unwanted, often meddlesome input!

The game consists of 72 hardwood playing pieces; (12 unique shapes, 6 of each) as well as dice. These pieces come in a high quality pouch that's made out of 100% cotton, so it's easy to store and easy for traveling! Each game piece is handcrafted and carefully designed by American Craftsmen. 
As a company, we also strive to help the environment. A portion of all our proceeds goes to The Arbor Day Foundation in an effort to sustain the world’s ecosystems. 

This wooden stacking game is for 2 or more players from age 8 to 80 and is great for family fun or to play with your friends!

With several levels of scoring and alternative ways to play, KBitz is for serious and casual game players, young and old! This KBitz wooden puzzle game is designed to encourage and strengthen basic math skills, spatial reasoning, problem solving, social interaction, and team building. The game will also test your manual dexterity as you strive to build a tower as tall as possible. If you're tired of playing the same games over and over, try your skills at a brand new game. 

The pieces have been carefully crafted to fit together, but not perfectly! Players take turns constructing a tower, and in most cases, it will fall!

Will it fall on your turn?
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KBitz Stacking Block Game

Featuring the new stacking block game!

Try it out to see if you stack up!

How will you Stack Up?